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Jump forward to a perfect bikini body

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Posted By Kyle Alexander

Are you ready for the summer season? Now that spring is in the air, and it’s time to get serious with your exercise program. Most women don’t start worrying about fitness until they go shopping for a new bathing suit, and then they head to the gym, where they work out furiously.

Get ahead and start training today. Make fitness a part of your life, not only for getting that perfect bikini body but also for your health and longevity. Starting a fitness program today can mean a much healthier future.

The best exercise program is one that includes aerobics and strength training exercises. Aerobics are activities or practices that increase your heart rate, which helps to strengthen it and build endurance. Strength training exercises emphasize stretching and using resistance methods to develop and strengthen specific muscles.

Of course, an exercise program alone is not enough to ensure good health and a beautiful figure. A healthy diet rich in vitamins is essential to keep you in top condition. Portion control is important to avoid overeating, a major reason for weight gain. Choose a balanced diet and avoid too much sugar, salt, and saturated fat. Most importantly, don’t skip meals!

To stay motivated:

  1. Start a fitness diary.
  2. Add a photo from a catalog of your ideal swimsuit or even a photo of a fitness model.
  3. Don’t underestimate your ability to accomplish what you intend to do.
  4. Take everything you eat and drink and all your activities into account. This will help you see what you are eating each day and motivate you to expand your activities.
  5. Make short-term goals and long-term goals.

Don’t give up, whether you lose a lot or a little. The most important thing is, do something positive for yourself. This step to fitness will take you to a healthier world with rewards that last a lifetime. Karen knows how hard it is to fit everything into a busy schedule as a mother of three. As a fitness author, personal trainer, Pilate instructor, sports nutritionist, fitness model, wife, and mother, Karen is passionate about helping other women achieve their fitness goals. She knows firsthand that the desire to have a healthy, slim, and toned body is just as important as any other dream a woman can have.

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