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What you don’t know about bikinis

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Posted By Kyle Alexander

Many women feel a little uncomfortable wearing bikini swimwear. If you have any bulges anywhere, the bikini will show them! But going to the beach and not focusing on yourself reveals an essential truth: hardly anyone will stare at your problems, and besides, nobody is perfect. Even swimsuit models in magazines and on TV have been airbrushed here and there (though it’s unlikely you’ll see them at your local pool or beach).

According to the bikini swimwear selections in most stores, bikini swimwear is hotter than regular bathing suits these days. Most women would rather wear a two-piece than a one-piece because it will make them tan and look sexy. It’s just that it can be embarrassing to show more skin if you’re not happy with your body shape. Hey, that’s what one-piece suits are for. If needed, you can stick with a darker color with some tummy control.

There are many types of bikinis: bandeau top, halter top, triangle top, boy bottoms, Brazilian cut bottoms, thongs, g-string mini, mini, micro, and almost nothing. Bikinis for pregnant women use draping at the top and bottom to smooth out the silhouette. There are mastectomy suits with insert pockets for the pillow.

String bikinis are now also very popular as bikini swimwear. String bikinis have a strap and a small cloth at the front and back, and the top is usually very skinny to match. If you are looking for a goddess swimsuit and take it off, then the thong bikini is for you.

There’s a whole industry with styles just for babies and toddlers. Beach prints with shells or fish and waves are always popular. Let’s not forget the swimwear with images of Disney characters like Nemo from Finding Nemo or Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Two-piece suits can be worn at any age, although it’s just cute for the littlest ones, but not necessary. Little boys love swimwear with prints of Spiderman, the X-Men, etc.

Women with bigger breasts will want something with straps or halves unless it’s a very well-fitting tube top. Most designers sell individual items that match your tops and bottoms exactly. For women with smaller breasts, make sure you buy according to your breast size. Triangle tops allow you to adjust the fit slightly. If you want to change your bust shape, check out silicone gel bra enhancers that can be worn under your bathing suit.

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